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Groundnut oil extraction Facts and how much it will cost for you 24 Dec 2018

Recently we extracted oil from Ground nuts and i wanted to share my experience with that process and we will try to identify how much it will cost As per normal standard and based on previous experiences Oil and Ganuga Pindi percentage in 100 KG ground nuts Usually it will be 38% oil and 62% Read more about Groundnut oil extraction Facts and how much it will cost for you 24 Dec 2018[…]

Organic and Millet shop outlets in Bangalore

Organic and Millet shop outlets in Bangalore: During April 2017 my father got a chance to visit the Organic Millet 2017 mela organized by Karnataka government. During this my father got a paper which has all the address of organic shops which are there in the Bangalore city. There are around 275 shops addresses and Read more about Organic and Millet shop outlets in Bangalore[…]

Kissan Suvidha App to know the market price of a farmer produce

We have a mango farm near Punganur town which is in Chittoor dist. We wanted to know the market price of mango in different mandis near by our place. There are famous mandis with in a radius of 40 KM. Since I am not aware of  any mandi shop owners,  I used to ask rates of mango with few known people. But I don’t know much people in each and every town. I cannot ask price everyday to the know people also :). This is the problem I was facing last year. when i was discussing this problem with one of my colleague told me about Kissan Suvidha app


Jaggery Preparation Process

Jaggery is the product basically prepared from boiling the sugar cane juice

It is not widely known in western countries since it is rarely prepared there. It is predominantly made in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Besides tasting very good, it has many health benefits. Now, let’s explore a bit more about this colorful and tasty food! […]

Millets nutrition values


The history of millets is around 10 thousand years ago in Asia specially in Bharat but now these are mostly identified as Birds food although now generation started showing interest on millets

Millets are the grains or simply called as Siridhanya. These are small seeded hard and have good source of nutrients such as magnesium, copper, phosphorous and manganese and highly rich in proteins, vitamins and fiber. Now a days paddy and wheat are replacing by these millets.

Caring and giving importance to the health is the major living issue now a days so many people always finding the way to get healthier life and the millets are the good food recipes


How to identify indian cow breed

 In Indian culture, ancestors gave very important place to desi cows. Every by-product of a cow is useful. Indian breed cows will give less milk comparing to jersey and it’s not the reason to not buy desi cow.  In ancient time in India there was culture of not selling cow milk because every home had 15-20 cows so from that milk family can make use of milk… and the cow milk quality is very much comparable to human milk. […]

Benefits of desi cow milk

Desi cow milk is an integral part of Indian diet, the child takes its mother milk when its childhood but once.he has grown up entire his life milk is provided by the cow only so in Indian tradition for cow we have given very important place and treat it as Go Mata (God), Kaamadhenu. […]