Gau Theertha Ark


One among the Panchgavyas, Gomutra the elixir of all times long been praised for its therapeutic properties to restore health and homeostasis of the human system. •

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Consuming Gomutra was a regular practice since times immemorial and to revive this antique practice Gau Natural brings to you Gau Theertha Ark (Desi Cow’s distilled Urine) collected from the same indigenous genetic strains of cow’s, which are believed to have wandered in India thousands of years ago, habitual consumption of Gornutra Ark in the specified dosage has shown promising results in combating all spectrum of health issues.

* Gau theertha Ark is easy to digest.
* Food supplement
* Only for Gau Bhakt

Ingredients :Distilled indigenous cow urine.
Dosage To be taken in empty stomach.
Adult 10 ml. with 20 ml. water
Child :1 to 5 ml. with 10 ml. water.
or as prescribed by physician


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