Kissan Suvidha App to know the market price of a farmer produce

We have a mango farm near Punganur town which is in Chittoor dist. We wanted to know the market price of mango in different mandis near by our place. There are famous mandis with in a radius of 40 KM. Since I am not aware of  any mandi shop owners,  I used to ask rates of mango with few known people. But I don’t know much people in each and every town. I cannot ask price everyday to the know people also :). This is the problem I was facing last year. when i was discussing this problem with one of my colleague told me about Kissan Suvidha app

I installed this app in my smart phone and started using it . Kissan Suvidha app exactly have the solution for the problem I was facing. Let me explain the features of this app.

Once you install the app it will look out for your profile information like name, mobile number and  area you are living like state, dist and mandal

With this app you can get following functionalities:

  1. Market price of commodities which are listed in the app.
  2. Weather information
  3. Dealers of pesticides and fertilizers shops
  4. Your district agriculture officer
  5. Plant Protection
  6. Have a felicity to call a KCC (I believe it is  Kissan call Center not very sure)

Here is the main screen of Kissan Suvidha App

If you want to know the features quickly you can go through this video link

Market price of commodities:

With this menu item farmer will come to know the current rate of farmer produces . By default it will load your district and state information from your profile. Then farmer can select near by mandi/Market then select the commodity . App will show you the price details of the commodity. One another important aspect of this app is it will display the max price of that commodity in the district, in the state and in  India.   This way farmer will come to know  where he will get maximum price for his commodity.

When I observed last year May 2016 I do see these prices were not getting frequently updated but hopefully things will change in future. Hope for the best 🙂


Weather information:

Based on Farmers profile, you can see temperature, humidity  and rainfall details. You can see 5 days weather forecast in that particular area. You can add additional areas based on your interest and you will come to know weather details.

Dealers of pesticides and fertilizers shops:

With Dealers menu item you will come to know the dealers who are going to supply seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and farm machinery. You will get all the dealers contact number and address of the shop. I was able to browse through the dealers list in my district. But when I accessed other states I did not get dealers list, it means complete data is not available.

Once I was looking for Mango fruit fly trap and I called couple of dealers by verifying this app. I was able to reach them perfectly. You can try these numbers based on your need and let us know your feedback in the comments section. So that it will be useful for others

District Agriculture Officer:

Farmer will come to know respective district Agriculture officer and contact them if they have any additional questions.

Plant Protection:

This feature also is one of the main aspect of this app. In this menu item you will see the different crops and the diseases of that particular crop at different stages. Agriculture team even segregated, at each stage what kind of pests, diseases and weeds will come for the crop. Each category will have different pests and how farmer can prevent them.

Plant protection will not cover all the plants but currently this has paddy, wheet, soyabean, mustard, onion, tomoto, brinjal, sugarcane, cotton, chilli. Hopefully, In future other plants also will be included


Call to KCC:

Farmer can call call center if he has any additional questions

Farmer profile:

When you first install the app, it will take the basic details of farmer about the area and phone details


Overall this app will give information about prices, dealers and plan protection. We believe this information will be very useful for the farmers. There are improvement areas in this app but each farmer can install this app and make use of it.

This app is developed by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare in coordination with Mobile Seva Team. Thanks to all the team who brought this app to the public. Namaste.


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